Tuesday, March 31, 2015

WOMEN: Who Says You Can't Initiate Sex; See this Simple Trick

To my beautiful ladies! Have you ever taken time out to understand why your sex life is not up to date; or why it is failing?...Is your sex life just a boring routine? Are you the type who still has a stereotyped mind about men being the only initiators during love making?

It is high time you stood up to the occasion and make a difference in your sexual relationship with your spouse. There could be several reasons why many love relationships fall apart,but out of my personal research,i have come to realize that some women are responsible for their failed sexual contact to a certain extent .Dont get me wrong. Lets look at it this way. Gone are the days when cultural myths made it such that men were the sexual aggressors in every male-female relationships. Who says you as a woman cannot be the initiator in a sexual relationship? I know many folks are still living in that ignorance and by so doing, their sexual relationship is bound to fail. Ladies, we have to aim at keeping the fire burning at all times.Even when you feel tired and not in the mood for sex, make sure you adopt other means to communicate fairly and and in love. No man in their right senses will react harshly to such a woman.I  hope you read this with understanding and start implementing this to make a difference

As a woman ,you must have been wondering and asking a series of questions to understand why some men easily get fed up and go out to try  other women outside your union? 
Let me tell you something,most men are prone to cheating,whether we like it or not.So a little change in the way we handle them might just make a little difference. The reason why some men go outside their relationship could simply  be as a result of the fact that their women don't initiate sex with them or even be creative in bed. I have a few male friends who talk about their women in a way that really antagonize me. I once heard a guy say his woman most often lays down like a lock of wood when they are having sex. Some will tell their men,"Please hurry up and Leave" , or you could get statements like " Aren't you done Yet?" Lmao !! I totally understand this feeling from such women.This might sound so inconsequential but it can be very disastrous

 It is NOT a taboo for a woman  to spearhead a sexual contact with her lover. We women must quite being stiff and timid, take charge in this domain, be the queen in control and before you know it ,you will start being in control of other areas you least expected LOL !!! Just my candid opinion.

Crack up if you want to, but i believe you do not need any black magic to achieve this ! 

I know for sure that every Man likes to be in control and to be given their position and respect as masters of every given  relationship ,but trust me these same men wouldn't mind you taking over and to be in control as far as initiating sex is concerned; they love it...  Ladies, take over...Explore and make a difference 

Always remember that good sex reduces tension in every love relationship ...I am pretty sure we hear this all the time,but some wonder how true this statement is. Not until you attempt or try something,you can never tell. Don't use your hand to destroy what God has given you, so do your research, work on your relationship,invent new ways of pleasing your man.Do all you can to make it work and even if it ends up being rough,God knows you tried. 

Clear your minds of all odds and be attracted to positive energy at all times

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