Monday, April 13, 2015

8 Signs to Show That She is Obviously Good in Bed

Sometimes, based on certain observations, you can just tell if a woman will be good in bed. Or, more accurately, good in bed with you. You may not always be right, but like so many of The Player's techniques, observing her body language and sexual signals closely will help you at least improve your odds of getting what you're looking for — a good time.
Below you'll find a few things you should look out for. But first...

basic sex principles

  • Confidence in a woman means she'll try, and let you try, new things in bed.
  • If confidence is key for a guy to be able to pick up women, it's equally important for a woman to be good in bed. Many of the points in this article are indicators of confidence — or become stronger indications of her between-the-sheets skills if she does them confidently. However, know that many women, especially today, derive their general self-confidence from their brains rather than any womanly abilities. To distinguish, apply the confidence meter to her sexual signs, not just to her in general.
  • Like many athletic skills, being good at sex requires practice and experience.
  • Sure, easy women get more practice opportunities. But remember that it's not her easiness that makes her good in bed. While experience is fundamental to gaining sexual skills, it isn't everything. For example, if she's non-discriminating, it might mean she doesn't put that high a priority on having good sex, which might in turn indicate that she doesn't try to learn much from her experience — and that isn't so good.
  • Many women will compensate for their lack of experience (or lack of
  • good experience) by mimicking what they've seen on TV and in movies to send sexual signals. Like Mena Suvari's teenage tease virgin inAmerican Beauty, the gap between the experience a woman projects and actually has can be surprisingly wide. Still, the signs listed below are good general indicators.
  • You're looking for signs that make her a sensual woman, which you'll be able to decipher from her actions.
  • Then, it's up to you to find out if she's sexual, if the two of you have good physical and pheromonal chemistry, and if she has good technique in bed. As always, the proof is in the pudding — or in this case, the pushing.

    obvious signs she's good in bed

    She's a good kisser
    It takes all kinds. If you like the way she kisses you, then she's good for you.

    She's a good dancer
    Even if you're not, the way she moves her body vertically may be an indicator of her horizontal skills.

    She's flexible
    She could be a yoga instructor, a ballerina, a contortionist... basically, these allow for more possibilities in bed.

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