Wednesday, April 8, 2015

COUPLES: Do you know that Good SEX has Strong healing Power? See How !

Did you know that sex involves more than just procreation or to reproduce?.Intimate sexual satisfaction in every relationship reduces the risk of a Heart Disease, Depression , Migraine, Premenstrual Syndrome and Arthritis? Seriously, Sex has an unfathomable healing power that i will like you to consider.
Sex  boasts the immune system,so it is high time couples stopped taking sex to be strange, a Taboo or a very  sacred thing that needs a particular way, style or time to do it. Look at it as a way of getting better,being healthy and a means of being even more intimate with each other. Sex to couples should be fun all the way; plus with no limitations or restrictions

I tell you,sex is indeed a genuine healing act; that's if it transcends the mechanical ,self pleasure  variety promoted by sex experts.Therefore, the central and most important goal of Healing Sex should not be Orgasm driven, but rather to connect with your partner.

According to Paul Pearsall,Phd, Healing sex brings a mark decline in bloodstream levels of Adrenaline and Cortisol. LOL!!  I am definitely  not a medical personnel but at least my common sense has never failed me so i totally understand the magic that sex can do to the human body;especially to men . For you to experience the healing power of sex,you need to be patient.Some people don't get to experience it because they quickly give up on their partners before they even get anything out of it. It takes at least 4 years to achieve the intimacy needed for anyone to experience a sexual healing. 

Intimacy in a relationship doesn't just happen,you have to take responsibility to make it happen in your marriage or relationship.Take time to treat your partner with care and affection; connect with your partner both in loving conversation and regular sex,by so doing, you are gradually creating a platform for healing sexually.

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