Saturday, September 17, 2016

Guys! Still Struggling ?? Here’s How to Start Up an Online Convo With a Lady

Guys and ladies alike can be sloppy when it comes to starting up online conversations. The sloppiness sometimes is often distasteful. You either find the recipient replying with unprintable words, ignoring the sender, or – to save them from another sloppy episode – block the sender. After all, what the heck!
You may think online conversations are easier than face-face conversations, truth is, it requires more skill and finesse; screwing up only takes one badly written ambiguous sentence, an ill-timed compliment or careless assumption.

To avoid being kicked to the curb, here are 7 tips to help you score a first conversation – and many more, but that’s up to you.

1. Work on your profile:
Your profile is the first contact she has of you, so putting out a good one determines if your friend request would be accepted or trashed. You obviously want her to like you, it doesn’t mean you should over polish yourself. Frauds can be easily sniffed out. Little is more. Make a good first impression.

 2. Study her profile: From studying her online profile, you get some information about what she loves and hates. You can use this to your advantage. For example, if it says on her profile that she loves to travel, you can include this in your conversation and it also gives you an idea of how/what to talk to her about. You could also find common interest that you share and build conversations around it. This reduces your chances of running out of things to talk about, keeping the possible awkward silence at bay.

3. Be polite: This is very important! You don’t crawl up into a ladies online space and leave messages “Hey baby”, ” Angel”, “Beautiful” and the likes. That’s a very quick way down the drain. Don’t be too presumptuous about her character. Being shielded by partial anonymity doesn’t give you the right to be uncouth while chatting online.

4. Pay attention to the conversation: Who doesn’t love being paid attention to? 

Pay attention to the conversation. Avoid the embarrassment of asking the same question over again just because you weren’t paying attention. Plus, don’t dominate the conversation.

5. Don’t be a pest: You got yourself in, don’t kick yourself out as fast. Let her be for a while. You have a life, live it. Even though you want to talk to her all the time, be careful not to be the guy who give her no space. If you are online all the time, she may think you’re a loser without a life or job sitting on his couch all day, eating junk and sharing your roommate’s WIFI.

6. Have a sense of humour: Being able to make a lady laugh even over the internet is a plus for you. So whip up your comic side and score.

 However if she is not feeling your dry jokes then quit it. The most important thing is to be yourself.

7. Avoid grammatical errors: Reading bad grammar is like biting on a bad nut. Pay more attention to detail. Read through your replies before you hit send. However, this may not work for all because some guys may not know that they are dropping grammatical bombs.

Happy hunting!!!

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